Berkeley County Schools

Excellence is in the AIR

 Research & Technology Staff 

 Daris Albright, Jeff Hanson, Wes Cole, Sharon Dove, Dave Kenney, Leah Bass, Will Aliveto, Dave Moore, Russell Markley

Mr. David Kenney, Director of Research & Technology

Ms. Sharon Dove, Assistant Director Instructional Technology

Mr. Daris Albright, Technology Coordinator

Mrs. Leah Bass, Technology Coordinator

Mr. Wes Cole, Technology Coordinator

Mr. Jeff Hanson, Technology Coordinator

Mr. William Aliveto, Technology Systems Specialist

Mr. Russell Markley, Technology Systems Specialist/Electrician

Mr. David Moore, Technology Systems Specialist

                    Mr. Logan Smailes, Technology Systems Specialist 

Adjunct Staff Members

tech adjuncts
Logan Smailes, Rick Michael