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1. We will celebrate our mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.

2. We will be confident and share our thinking. 
3. We will persevere through difficult practice.



* At the secondary level, we are asking that every staff member take the pledge but only the math classes become a With Math I Can Classrooms.
1.  Teachers will complete the growth mindset lesson plan(s).  For elementary schools this will be the 5 dojo lesson plans and for secondary schools, the lesson plan provided below from
2.  All students & classroom teacher will take the pledge and sign the poster provided by the county. The teacher takes the pledge for everyone the website.
3. The principal, assistant principal, and/or district administrator do a “math talk” with the class using the book “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” or using the website:
4. Take a picture of the class (with their signed poster) for the county’s With Math I Can website page.
5. Complete the survey at to let us know you are a With Math I Can classroom 
With Math I Can in Berkeley County Schools!
For Classroom Teachers:
Books to Read to Students about Growth Mindset                               
You Tube Video of Famous Failures (on VR spot so you don't need your webtop account)
Parent Resources for growth mindset: