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Online Distribution/ BCS Virtual Backpack Submissions and Flyer Distribution Procedures

Berkeley County Schools (BCS) recognizes the important role that non-profit organizations play in providing educational and cultural programs for district students in non-school hours. To facilitate that communication, the BCS Virtual Backpack located on the BCS website allows outside organizations to post announcements online with the option of providing a limited quantity (no more than 25) of paper copies to district schools.

What is the BCS Virtual Backpack?

The BCS Virtual Backpack offers the opportunity for non-profit organizations to share information with students and parents, provided the purpose of the organization complements the educational mission of the District. If your flyer is approved, we will post your flyer in the BCS Virtual Backpack on our district’s website, and provide a link to your event or activity in our bi-weekly BCS e‐newsletter. Approved flyers are distributed and posted during the months of September though May only.

Who can use the Virtual Backpack?

Fliers must be from non-profit organizations and have approval from the Communications Department to be posted on the BCS Virtual Backpack. Materials from for-profit companies do not qualify for distribution to students of Berkeley County Schools.

What are the procedures for submitting a request to the Virtual Backpack?

To apply for inclusion in the Virtual Backpack, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Complete the Flyer Submission Form below and submit it, along with a copy of the flyer to be posted, at least 5 working days prior to the requested posting date.
    Flyer Submission Link

  2. Submit proof of your organization’s 501©(3) status. If your organization’s 501©(3) is on file, you do not need to resubmit the proof of nonprofit status.  This form, along with the flyer, needs to be emailed to .

  3. Include the following disclaimer in 10point font on the bottom of your flyer:

“Neither the Berkeley County Board of Education nor any of its agents or employees sponsor or endorse this material or publication. The views expressed may or may not reflect those of the Berkeley County Board of Education a school administration and are neither approved nor disapproved by them.”

*Please note that your flyer will not be considered for approval if any of the information above is not provided. 

Can materials be provided for teachers and staff?

Berkeley County Schools does not approve promotional materials targeted at teachers. It is up to the school principal or administrator to allow distribution of flyers to teachers or in school faculty/staff lounges.

Thank you for your interest in the BCS Virtual Backpack.